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Website FAQs and Help Request


Below is a list of Frequesntly Asked Questions. If you need additional assistance please complete the secure help form or call 617-927-6194 and a member of our team will assist you.

 Click here for detailed Instructions  on how to register and use the MyFenway website.






I forgot my password how do I reset it?

Simply click on the I Forgot My Password link from the login page.  You will be required to answer your security questions and a new password will be emailed to you. 

If you continue to have trouble or cannot remember the answers to your security questions please complete the help form and a member of our team will provide you with a new password.



I received a temporary password by email but when I try to log in with the temporary password I still receive an error message (The User ID or password is invalid.) Why is this happening? 

Often times if you are copying and pasting the temporary password the “space” before or after the temporary password is also copied. When you paste the temporary password into the password box of the MyFenway site, the website recognizes those spaces and considers your password to be invalid. Be sure to copy only the temporary password or simply retype it into the password box of the MyFenway site. If this does not resolve the issue, please fill out the help formbelow and a member of our team would be happy to assist you.


When I enter my username and password then click login nothing happens and I get no error message.

This is typically caused by browser cookies.  You can resolve the issue by clearing your browser cookies and logging in again.  How to clear browser cookies will depend on which browser you are using, but is typically under settings and then browser history.



I have a new email address and need to update my account. 

To change your email address select the Edit My AccountLink from the top left of your screen.  There you can enter your new email address.  You will be sent an email with instructions on how to confirm the change.

Please do not create a new account with your new email address.  Having multiple accounts linked to your record can cause messages and important information to be delivered incorrectly.


I verified my Identity and now my name displays what is on my insurance card, I would like my account to display my preferred name can I change this?


To change the name that displays on your MyFenway account select the Edit My Accountlink at the top left of your screen.  Change your name to what you would like to display and save.


***Please note that this changes your name on your MyFenway account only.  For legal and billing reasons your medical record and the MyMedical Recordpiece of MyFenway will continue to display your name as it appears on your insurance card.


I moved.  How do I update my address?


At this time we are not able to accept changes to your demographics through MyFenway.  If you have moved or would like to update any other personal information on your account please call Patient Services at 617.927.6000


I sent a message to my doctor. Why do I not see it in my sent box?


Your message was sent and received by your provider. If a message is initiated from the "Send a Message to your Doctor" tab, no sent item is generated in your secure messaging inbox. If you go into your secure messaging box and reply to one of your provider's messages, your message will show up in your sent box.    


My doctor isn’t listed in the drop down list, why can’t I send him/her a message?

Some providers are only at Fenway part time so they are unable to monitor secure messages regularly.  So that no issue goes too long without a response we ask that if your provider is not listed that you please message your team nurse or case manager instead.  


How soon can I expect a response to my message?


We make every effort to respond to all messages within 1-2 business days. Please do not expect prompt replies to your messages over weekends or holidays. If you have a time sensitive question or wish to speak with a provider sooner, please call the office directly. Urgent matters should not be sent through MyFenway.  If you are having an emergency always call 911.

You can also help expedite your response time be ensuring that your use the correct form so that information does not need to forwarded once it enters our system.


My provider sent me a message, but I never received a notification in my email.


You should receive a notification email letting you know to log into your MyFenway account to view the secure message.  If you did not receive a notification email there a few things you can check.

- check the spam folder in your email.  Sometimes these automatically generated messages are marked as spam. 

- If you set an ‘Alternate Email Address’ on your account this is where your notification emails will be sent.  Not sure if you set this?  Select the ‘ Edit My Account’ link at the top left of your page and check if you have something in the Alternate Email Address field.

If you still believe your notification was not sent please complete the secure help form and a member of our team will investigate further.


Why can’t I just reply to my provider from my regular email?



Due to privacy regulations we must use a secure, encrypted program to communicate your protected health information.  MyFenway.org and our secure messaging system ensure that your information and your private communications with your provider are full protected.   


Please do NOT reply directly to notification email you receive in your regular email account.  This is a general email account that is not checked regularly. Your message will not go directly to your provider and is not secured when sent to this email address.




When I try to access certain parts of the site I am told I do not have access.  Why is this and how do I get access?



To access certain parts of the site you must first verify your identity.  This confirms that your account gets linked to the correct record in our system and protects your private information. You can access the verification page hereor you can fill out the secure help formand a memeber of our team will assist you in verifying your account.




When I try to verify it tells me I do match any patient records.  What can I do?


Sometimes the automated system is unable to match your account with your record.  If this happens please call 617-927-6194 or complete the secure help formand a member of our team will be able to assist you in verifying.  



I had lab work done, but I don’t see the results online.  When will they be posted?


Depending on the type of lab work you had done it may take several days to get the results back.  As soon as your provider has received the results and reviewed them for accuracy they will automatically be uploaded to the MyMedical Recordsection of MyFenway.



When I view my Vital Signs/Lab Results they don’t appear to be up to date.  How can I see my most recent results?


First, be sure that you have sorted your information by date.  Click on the Date column header until the arrow next to the word date is pointing down to see the most recent results on top.

Also keep in mind that lab work will need to be returned from the lab and reviewed by your provider before it is posted to MyFenway.



When viewing my Lab Results some fields say ‘See Text’.  What does this mean?

Not all lab values can be displayed online.  This does NOT necessarily mean you had an abnormal lab value or that there was a problem with the test.  Your provider will either call or send you a secure message you with the results.


I am no longer a Fenway patient, can I still use the website?


Once you have informed us that you will no longer receive care at Fenway we will disable your MyFenway account. You can still contact your care team by calling 617-927-0900.